Gron restaurant is master of spectacular wild Scandinavian food

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Chicken liver pate at Gron in Helsinki, Finland.

Plant-based creativity is what Helsinki’s Gron restaurant is all about.

Gron restaurant is unassuming. It’s nestled among shops, apartments and a gym on a quiet street in Finland’s capital of Helsinki. However, this Michelin-star restaurant is brimming with organic and seasonal plant-based Scandinavian dishes.

Chefs at Gron in Helsinki in Finland.
Here, the chefs make their dishes glow.

Founders Toni Kostian and Lauri Kähkönen say their dishes are “a tribute to creativity”.

“We offer two menu options from which one is fully vegan. What grows now determinates our menu,” they write on their website. 

Rex: We begin with a wow-factor, emulating the magic of Scandinavian forests – our wild mushrooms are fried in buckwheat tempura and flavoured with fermented cep paste. Cep is a fungi that only grows under pine spruce.

Gron mushroom dish in Helsinki, Finland.
It’s as if we’re eating straight from the forest floor.

We have opted for the non-vegan menu and are treated with chicken ragout with creamed Jerusalem artichokes and ramson berries. 

Andrea: We’ve never tried ramson – also known as wild garlic and belonging to the onion family – until now. It is native to woodland in Europe (it’s grown a lot in Denmark) and Asia, and its pungency makes it a great addition to salads. 

Grilled chicken with fermented asparagus tare, steamed cabbage, Jerusalem artichokes, and butter-foamed fermented asparagus veloute.

Rex: That’s not the end of our chicken main – there’s part two: grilled chicken with asparagus tare with more Jerusalem artichoke. This is delicious but even though the tare is a compelling way to prepare asparagus, the dish doesn’t quite depart from flavours used in chicken dishes in other parts of the world. 

Andrea: But Gron stays true to its identity with its third chicken-themed dish: its chicken-liver pate tinged with black plum and decorated with sliced salty green plum. This is possibly one of the best chicken-liver pates I have ever tasted for the way it sweeps over your tastebuds with soft, buttery notes that are jazzed up with the tangy plums.

Gron chicken liver pate in Helsinki, Finland.
You will never want to stop scraping from this creamy chicken-liver dish.

Rex: Gron’s dessert is a picture-perfect apple: at once a palate cleanser and an emblem of autumn. It’s spiced with the flavours of a crisp, northern European forest: pine-cone caramel, spruce shoot and pine stamen (the male reproductive component of the pine flower).

Andrea: Gron’s dishes have been created in a way that takes you into the world of fairytale-like forests. But you can still consume them from among the warm glow of the restaurant’s dim lights, the ambience of content diners and dedicated chefs. 

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Restaurant Grön
Albertinkatu 36, 00180 Helsinki Finland
Tue-Sat: 17.00 – 24.00
+358 (0) 50 328 9181

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