This is nel. restaurant’s ultimate menu

If you haven't heard of nel. restaurant yet, it's about time you did. And what better time to than during its Trip to Broadway season.

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nel. Restaurant, located on Wentworth Street in Sydney’s CBD, is a true treasure. Not too many people know about it, but those who do quickly add it to their list of favourite Sydney restaurants.

Headed by Nelly Robinson, this restaurant serves degustations that evoke memories. Sometimes they’re inspired by Robinson’s own memories, like his childhood in the UK. Other times, they work to bring back your loved memories.

“Memories are the main thing that I use for creating,” Robinson explains. “It could have been yesterday or it could have been when I was three years of age, and then we can pull that and bring it into dishes.”

You can see them put that little thing in their mouth, and they look at each other and go, ‘wow!'”

Nelly Robinson

This time ’round, Robinson’s 11-course degustation takes us back to Broadway musicals.

“We like to play with people’s minds a little bit…and I think they [guests] have about three or four minutes of uncomfortableness because they sit down and they go, ‘It feels like I’m coming into a rabbit hole’,” he says.

“Once the smoke disappears, you’ve got this beautiful delicate snack and you can see them put that little thing in their mouth, and they look at each other and go, ‘wow’, and it’s because you’re making people’s memories come alive.”


Andrea: It all starts with tributes to The Book of Mormon and Harry Potter. The latter features wands of squid topped with mushroom cream, sprinkled in beetroot flour and finished with a black-garlic emulsion.

Book of Mormon dish - Nel Restaurant
Bringing in the theatre with a dish served in a bible.
Harry Potter dish - Nel Restaurant

Rex: There’s also a tribute to Danny and Sandy from Grease.

nel. restaurant recreates Frosty Palace with a cheeseburger-flavoured meatball and a side of tomato and basil water.

Grease - cheeseburger - Nel Restaurant
Join Danny and Sandy at Frosty’s Diner.

Andrea: We move on to The Phantom of the Opera with a dish of tuna, macadamia, plum and cucumber in the shape of a rose. It reminds us of the rose that symbolised the Phantom’s love for Christine.

Phantom of the Opera rose dish - Nel Restaurant
The rose dish in nel. Restaurant’s Trip to Broadway degustation.


Rex: The next dish is a tastier version of gruel, symbolising Oliver! It’s a dish of oats with smoked trout, tomato kedgree, pecorino, chives and black onion.

Salmon and oats - Nel Restaurant - Oliver! musical
Please sir, can I have some more?

Like the show’s protagonist, this dish will have you asking for more.

After this, nel. restaurant sings its praises to Evita with a dish called “Don’t cry for me Argentina”. It features velvety beef short rib, coffee, onion, mushroom and mojo verde.

Beef and coffee - Don't cry for me Argentina - Nel restaurant dish
Off to Argentina with this beef and coffee dish.


Andrea: It’s now sweets time and it starts with a rather dramatic dish shaped like a witch’s hat. Wicked! Inside the hat we find ground nuts, meringue, ginger and lime foam.

Then we have milk and kibble, chocolate, barley, buckwheat and meringue. This creation is a nod to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats musical.

Milk and kibble at Nel. restaurant.
LAPPING UP A dish served with chocolate milk in a bowl.

Desserts end with a bang, a la Moulin Rouge. The chocolate, raspberry and vanilla petit fours are almost too pretty to eat.


The evening has been a joy. The dishes are faultless, the storytelling is magic and our waitstaff are superb.

nel. says on its website that it likes to “keep things interesting”, and we’re here for it.

nel. restaurant
75 Wentworth Ave, Sydney

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