Indulge in Osaka Bar and Dining’s enchanting culinary odyssey now

Authentic Japanese kaiseki dining.

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Experience the epitome of Japanese culinary artistry at Osaka Bar and Dining in Glebe, Sydney.

Nestled amid the streets of Glebe in Sydney, Osaka Bar and Dining is an establishment that beckons those seeking the tastes of Japan. Stepping into the restaurant, we experience an ambiance that effortlessly marries traditional charm with contemporary elegance. The interior, adorned with minimalist yet elegant decor and intimate lighting, sets the tone and transports us straight to Osaka.

Wagyu on a plate.
Osaka Bar serves some of the best wagyu in town.


The menu at Osaka Bar and Dining, run by Chef Kazu, is a testament to the art of balance and innovation. Our evening commences with the oboru tofu – a delicate creation that fuses the silkiness of tofu with the brininess of blue swimmer crab meat. The dashi broth serves as a fragrant canvas, infusing the dish with depth.

We hope to create the restaurant which will be enjoyed and loved by many of our customers.”

Osaka Bar and Dining

The bluefin tuna carpaccio follows suit; it’s a composition of culinary precision. The tender slices of bluefin tuna are adorned with glistening happo dashi jelly. A dash of ponzu plays a delightful tune on the palate, enhancing the flavour of the tuna without overshadowing it.

Tuna carpaccio dish on a plate.
The colourful tuna carpaccio.

We often enjoy chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard) but we haven’t tried a version with oyster until tonight. It gives the delicate custard a salty kick.

A salad of Australian winter vegetables is a refreshing interlude. Kohlrabi, crispy purple carrot and baby turnip are atop a velvety cauliflower puree. The yuzu zest lends a zingy twist, elevating this simple yet sophisticated dish into a celebration of seasonal produce.

Creamy mashed potato on a red plate with garnishes.
A warming winter dish.


As the courses unfold, the Kagoshima A5 wagyu takes centre stage – a much-anticipated highlight that lives up to its reputation. The grilled Kagoshima A5 wagyu tenderloin, cured in Saikyo-miso, exudes a sublime richness.

Kagoshima A5 Wagyu Saikyo Yaki at Osaka Bar and Dining
Osaka Bar and Dining’s Kagoshima A5 wagyu.

Then comes the grilled kingfish, resting on a bed of sweet corn paste. The freshness of the kingfish harmonises with the sweet corn.

Japanese grilled kingfish on corn paste.
Osaka Bar and Dining excels at seafood too.

Osaka Bar and Dining sushi

After this, it’s time for the sushi course, which involves a crescendo of flavours.

Tuna toro sushi nigiri on a plate in a restaurant.
It’s hard to beat fatty toro.

The tuna toro nigiri boasts the ocean’s richness while the chewy squid and bold caviar nigiri are a decadent ode to the sea’s bounty. Each piece captures the essence of precision and appreciation for ingredients.

Squid and caviar sushi nigiri on a plate with sliced pickled ginger at Osaka Bar and Dining.
The firm texture of the squid contrasts the soft sushi rice.


The culinary voyage concludes with a dessert of hojicha (green tea) chocolate cake and persimmon ice-cream. The cake is more cocoa-y than sugary, and the contrast between its warmth and the ice-cream creates interest.

Chocolate cake and persimmon ice-cream on a brown plate.
Dessert at Osaka Bar and Dining.

The evening has been complemented by drink pairings, curated by sake sommelier, Mari. The sparkling Shuwa Shuwa sake harmonises with the oboru tofu, the Lagoon Margherita craft sake mellows out the oyster chawanmushi, and the Tatenokawa Honryu Karakuchi Junmai Daiginjo from Yamagata, Japan, puts a cherry on the top of the sushi finale.

Overflowing Japanese sake cup in a box.
Overfilling a sake cup symbolises prosperity for the drinker.

Osaka Bar and Dining celebrates the art of Japanese gastronomy with finesse. From the nuances of the oboru tofu to the indulgent Kagoshima A5 wagyu, each dish resonates with creativity.

The creations are a testament to the mastery of Chef Kazu who invites all of his guests to savour the essence of Japan.

Osaka Bar and Dining
18a Wentworth Street, Glebe
Sydney, NSW

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