Quay Restaurant is part of what makes Sydney spectacular

This celebrated restaurant is one of Sydney's must visits.

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The caviar mousse dish at Quay.

Quay continues to offer some of the best food in town. If you have the chance to visit this multi-award-winning restaurant, you’ll remember the experience for years to come.

Rex: Quay is at, you guessed it, Sydney’s Circular Quay – right on the harbour. This means diners don’t just experience the finest food but also the finest views, including of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and boats gliding across the harbour.

Quay, Circular Quay.


The outlook at Quay.

Andrea: The restaurant is led by executive chef Peter Gilmore and showcases quality Australian produce.

According to Quay’s website, the restaurant is “an ode to the Australian landscape, from the vast ocean floor, to the cracked bark of a paperbark tree.”


Quality is everything at Quay. In fact, farmers grow food especially for the restaurant. “For each dish, the growth of every element…is carefully considered and crafted for its role in the dining experience.”


Rex: Quay offers two menus: 6 courses ($280) and 8 courses ($340). You can choose between several wine pairings: the temperance pairing, the Quay wine pairing and the sommelier pairing. They are $140, $200 and $250, respectively.


Andrea: We opt for the 8-course menu. Rex chooses the classic Quay pairing. This features everything from a 2018 Bellwether Ant Series Riesling, a cool climate wine from Tasmania, to a dark red, herbaceous 2016 COS Cerasuolo Di Vittoria from Sicily, Italy. I love wine pairings but this evening a glass of Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve is enough for me, and it still complements the meal.




The evening starts with a caviar mousse, which melts in your mouth. Spears of caviar-laden chilled white asparagus accompany this. The satiny vegetable, brought to life with caviar, primes our tastebuds for what’s to come.





Rex: This follows with spring peas and liquorice kombu parsley in a sudachi emulsion. The peas are so fresh they almost pop in your mouth. The liquorice gives the dish an edge and tones down the sweetness of the peas.


Next comes the Southern Rock Lobster sashimi. Silky textures extend to the accompanying smoky katsuobushi (bonito flakes) cream roe. Quay studs this dish with flowers to give it a touch of spring.


Lobster sashimi at Quay, Sydney


Lobster sashimi at Quay, Sydney.


Andrea: After this dish comes black pearl mushrooms with slow-braised squid, custard, schmaltz and garum. It’s brimming with umami and it’s like velvet on the tongue.


Each dish both works on its own and complements the others. Quay takes the seafood theme one step further with its next creation: mud crab. This comes with koji butter and bone marrow-dunked noodles. I appreciate the weaving of sea meat (crab) with land meat (bone marrow).




Rex: The mains depart from seafood altogether. But the meat of the first main sticks with the water theme in the form of roasted duck. Tart “green” blueberries and ume balances this strongly flavoured meat. A kick of pepper and oxalis completes it.


The second main is a hearty confit of pig jowl. The land-and-sea juxtaposition continues with both land and sea greens in a smoked trotter broth. The greens are just what’s needed to tone down the rich jowl.


Confit of jowl and sea and land vegetables.


The confit of jowl is topped off with sea and land vegetables.




Andrea: Quay has got the course numbers right. I can’t fit in much more, but we’re now at the home stretch. Creativity abounds with the desserts, named ‘Moo’ and ‘White Coral’, respectively.


The White Coral dessert combines crunchy and creamy textures, which you can smoosh together. Meanwhile, the Moo is like a decadent milkshake with all the toppings, without being too sweet.


Milk-based dessert at Quay Restaurant.


Mooing for this dessert.


There’s good reason why Quay has got top stars (three chefs hats) for 18 consecutive years, and has been named ‘Restaurant of the Year’ several times in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Quay’s tasting menu is second to none and its wine pairing is the cherry on top. Our evening is made even better with reliable, attentive service.

Quay Restaurant | $$$
Upper Level Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks
Sydney, NSW


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