Enjoy vibrant French fare at Restaurant Hubert in Sydney

Restaurant Hubert invites you to enjoy hearty French food.

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Come to Restaurant Hubert for classic French food like the poisson du jour with frites and a side of saucisson.

Restaurant Hubert invites you to enjoy hearty French food.

Rex: As you walk down the spiral staircase into the dimly lit Restaurant Hubert in Sydney, you get the feeling you’re walking back in time to post-war France.

Here, among its vintage decor, including red curtains and wooden chairs, you can order traditional, no-fuss French food as you listen to live jazz.

“The restaurant’s menus reflect a passion for Paris as well as an understanding that the bistro now belongs to the world,” Restaurant Hubert’s website reads.

“Its chefs take pride in opening oysters to order, cutting the steak tartare by hand and tossing the salade de Maman with care, while enjoying the freedom to dress escargots with XO sauce and frame duck parfait in a shimmering maple-syrup jelly.”


Andrea: While Restaurant Hubert’s French plates have flavours from other cuisines, we stick to the classics.

We begin with freshly shucked oysters and a tangy dressing.

Fresh oysters – what more do you need?

Rex: After this, we have Restaurant Hubert’s famous “roe boats”, which are delicate avruga tarts filled with umi (sea urchin), trout roe and caviar.

Pro tip: Each boat tastes best when eaten in one mouthful.

For the full experience, eat each “roe boat” in one mouthful.

Andrea: Next, we order a saucisson sec.

The serving size is generous: Our shared plate is piled with thick slices of spice-laden salami.

A hearty serving of saucisson sec.


Rex: The saucisson becomes the only break we have from seafood because we order clams next. They’re tossed in parsley and a light garlic butter, and come with a side of aioli toast.

The clams are a treat.

A glass of South Australian rose boosts the botanical overtones of the sauce.

It’s about now that we also enjoy the instrumental live jazz. The music is not so loud that we can’t hear each other talk, but enough so that it fills the dining room with a jovial ambience.

It’s a joy to listen to jazz over our meal.

Andrea: However, it’s the poisson du jour (fish of the day) that really takes the cake tonight. The poisson du jour is freshly caught pink snapper, baked in a fragrant, creamy garlic sauce.

And what better way to accompany it than with a bowl of French frites, dusted with a herb-flavoured salt?

Share your main with a whole pink snapper at Restaurant Hubert.


Our meal is appropriately finished with a silken creme caramel. After a filling meal, we welcome its lightness and enjoy the complexity given to it by a glass of Pedro Ximénez sherry, which is known for its syrupy raisin flavour.

What the French do best.

Rex: A night out at Restaurant Hubert is not just a tasty affair, but a relaxing one too.

Come here with your date or for a long overdue catch up with a good friend.

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