You need to visit Rockpool Bar & Grill for its steak bonanza

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Rockpool Bar & Grill dry-aged beef.

After weeks of lockdown, we are super excited to be dining again. Our first stop is at Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney.

As we emerge from lockdown, restaurants are in demand, including Sydney steakhouse Rockpool Bar & Grill.

Rex: We felt it was a stroke of luck that the sought-after Rockpool Bar & Grill in the heart of Sydney confirmed our booking after weeks of not being able to go out amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuna tartare starts off our evening.

Andrea: We start with oysters and yellowfin tuna tartare cold starters. Sydney’s dining scene is known for serving fresh seafood and this isn’t about to disappoint.

Rex: Seafood is a good appetiser, but I love the heartiness of something with more substance – which is why I beeline for Rockpool’s wood-fired bone marrow with Milanese crust and herb salad. The marrow is earthy yet silky, and complements the colder months that we’re in.

Andrea: It’s time for our mains and what Rockpool Bar & Grill is known for: its dry-aged beef. We try the 36-month-old grass-fed fillet and the 60-month-old dry-aged friesian beef, and we’re glad we did.

Rockpool sources its beef directly from producers and dry ages it on its premises.

It explains, “The dry ageing process is important as it brings a better flavour to the beef than that of the more common wet aging in cryovac, which in essence is really preserving the beef.

“This however takes a big commitment as we have many tonnes of beef ageing at any one time.”

If you want good-quality dry-aged beef, Rockpool Bar & Grill is where it’s at.

My dry-aged friesian fillet is tender and infused with a spice-filled marinade. I order my meat more on the medium-to-well side, which is beyond the chef’s recommendation of medium rare. It’s funny how subjective taste can be.

Rex: I order my fillet as the chef recommends: rare. You can amp up the flavour from its condiment selection. Rockpool offers mustards, horseradish cream, barbecue sauce and harissa. However, as good as it is, it’s probably best to also balance the meat with a side of greens or its cauliflower gratin.

Rockpool Bar & Grill excels at its vegetable dishes too.

For those who try to eat sustainably, Rockpool ensures that the cattle it uses are not given hormones or antibiotic feed supplements. It also aims to buy beef that’s the product of humane treatment, in particular its wagyu and Cape Grim grass-fed cattle.

Andrea: I’m not usually a sweet tooth, but desserts are looking good. On this crisp night, rhubarb and strawberry pudding warms me up, while Rex goes for an all time Australian favourite: passionfruit pavlova.

Why not also try its berry ice cream?

Rex: Rockpool’s beef may be it’s sticking point but it’s menu is still varied enough to suit everyone. It has everything from vegetarian to seafood, poultry and beef options.

It may be located in a rather grand, art deco building; indeed, the former City Mutual Building is now heritage listed. However, Rockpool still aims to give diners a relaxed, informal night out with simple but good food.

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