Yoshii’s Omakase takes Japanese food to new and exciting heights

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Yoshii's Omakase signature sashimi plate.

You’ll find one of Sydney’s best Japanese restaurants at Yoshii’s Omakase, which is located in a discrete section of Nobu Japanese restaurant at Crown Sydney, Barangaroo.

Yoshii’s Omakase, a newcomer to Sydney’s restaurant scene, has quickly become a standout.

It’s led by omakase master, Chef Ryuichi Yoshii, who treats up to 10 guests per sitting with dishes that feature the finest of ingredients.

Yoshii creates sushi that is both flavourful and beautiful.
Yoshii creates sushi that is both flavourful and beautiful.

Andrea: Chef Yoshii, who has decades of experience, says sourcing local and seasonal produce is key.

“One of the things I love most about Sydney is the seafood produce we have access to, which enables chef Nobu and I to hero that remarkable fresh local produce,” Chef Yoshii says.

He doesn’t only work with seafood though, and he is known for his unusual yet complementary dishes, such as bone marrow with yuzu, a citrus fruit grown in East Asia. The citrus of the yuzu tones down the marrow’s richness and gives it an edge.

The citrus offsets the richness of the bone marrow.

Rex: Ryuichi Yoshii was born in Nagasaki near Fukuoka in Japan’s south. He learned about Japanese food from his father, who was also a sushi master.

Chef Yoshii is now a household name in Australia’s Japanese dining. He first owned a restaurant in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. After that, he was based at Shiki Japanese Restaurant, Yoshii Restaurant and Fujisaki – also in Sydney.

Chef Yoshii’s signature sashimi plate.

Andrea: Chef Yoshii takes as much care with flavours as he does with presentation. In fact, many of his plates look like works of art!

Chef Yoshii’s sushi is not only delicious, but artistic as well.

However, Chef Yoshii is not only a master of Japanese food. He is also a master host. He takes the time to engage with his guests, including educating them about the banquet he’s prepared.

Rex: Yoshii’s Omakase also provides an extensive wine list, which features Japanese sake and shochu. The sake is served in traditional Japanese Edo Kiriko crystal while the shochu is served in porcelain.

If you’re unfamiliar with the delicate flavours of sake, the sommelier will expertly guide you.

Learn more about sake at Yoshii’s Omakase.

Andrea: Come to Yoshii’s Omakase for intimate dining, which showcases Chef Yoshii’s skills and leaves you wiser about what makes superb Japanese cuisine.

But a heads up: It can be difficult to secure a booking. The restaurant can only seat 10 people at a time, and bookings open on a monthly basis.

Visit Yoshii Omakase’s website to learn more.

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