Kuon Omakase: Fantastic Japanese dining in Haymarket

Come to Kuon Omakase for an evening of luxe dining.

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Come to Kuon Omakase for an evening of luxe dining.

The Kuon brand offers several restaurants in Sydney: Sushi Se, Irori Kuon (soon to become Takibi), Izakaya Tempura Kuon and Kuon Omakase. Tonight, we experience the latter.

Chef cooking beef over a barbecue.
Searing the wagyu at Kuon Omakase in Sydney.


Kuon evokes serenity with sweet music, soft lighting and chefs calmly preparing the meal. The dishes start arriving, beginning with four starters: sashimi (blue fin tuna from Tasmania and bass groper from New Zealand), duck temari with foie gras, king fish shabu-shabu with oroshi ponzu, and Mrs TFC’s favourite, wagyu misuji yakiniku MB9+ with crispy dried eryngii mushroom. Mr TCF appreciates how the flavours of each creation tie together effortlessly.

Japanese tasting box featuring several starters in bowls.
An introduction to the cuisine of Kuon Omakase.

Next comes the chawanmushi, which Mrs TCF thinks is one of the best she’s tasted. Head chef Fukada San makes his silky steamed egg custard special with crispy sakura-ebi (tiny transluscent-pink prawns), crunchy water chestnut, rich crab liver and earthy shiitake mushrooms. As you can imagine, the textural and flavour contrasts make for an exciting bite.

Fried prawns in a small white bowl.
The chawanmushi gets a big thumbs up.

Soon after, we’re served a confit of grilled coral trout with eggplant, snap peas, abalone and saikyo miso cream. It’s like tasting spring.

Trout, abalone, snap peas on a plate.
Spring on a plate.

Before we know it, the next dish arrives. Spanner crab, prawn tempura and fresh truffle make a kind of crab chowder that’s simple yet delightful.

Spanner crab, prawn tempura and fresh truffle on a gold plate at Kuon Omakase.

Kuon Omakase sushi

A palate cleanser of yuzu sorbet prepares us for the omakase sushi featuring some of Australia’s finest seafood.

Raw fish in a wooden box, ready to make into sushi omakase.
Ready for Kuon’s omakase sushi.

The Tasmanian bluefin tuna chutoro and otoro with hints of soy sauce and fresh wasabi are standouts.

Tuna otoro on a patterned plate at kuon Omakase.
The tuno otoro at Kuon Omakase does not disappoint.

Perhaps we’d enjoy the ocean trout aburi more if we’d had it first since as great as it is, the tuna’s full flavour outshines it. We also enjoy the silky Coffs Harbour cuttlefish with a light sprinkling of salt, Tasmanian uni (sea urchin) and the tuna hand roll topped with fish roe.


We finish our savoury courses with miso soup before enjoying our dessert of cheesecake with strawberry sauce and vanilla ice-cream, and a petit four of red bean paste wrapped in mochi.

Cheesecake with strawberry sauce, wafer and mochi on a red plate.
A sweet end to the evening.

You can choose a sake pairing to enhance each course if you please – there’s a regular and premium offering – or, choose from the restaurant’s sake and wine list. The joint also serves tea, which complements the meal.

The evening comes together well: from each yummy creation to a team that looks after us and a serene environment. This has been a lovely evening.

Kuon Omakase
Shop NE 20 Little Hay Street
Haymarket, Sydney

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