Up in the clouds at amazing Oncore by Clare Smyth

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Oncore by Clare Smyth.

Oncore by Clare Smyth at the Crown in Barangaroo, Sydney, gives you an experience you won’t forget.

It’s hard to get a booking at one of the most popular restaurants in Sydney, but if you do, you’re in for a treat.

Andrea: Clare Smyth is a world-leading, 3-Michelin-star chef, so we are so excited for our evening at her establishment. Oncore by Clare Smyth is on the 26th floor of the Crown Sydney building, meaning we have a pretty spectacular view. We overlook Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House amid the glittering, ferry-streaked harbour.

Eating the food of a world-renowned chef with this world-renowned outlook makes this a special experience.

Smyth says on her restaurant’s website, “Crown Sydney is a world-class dining destination for the city, and I am thrilled to have my first Australian restaurant in this amazing location overlooking one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

“Having lived and travelled in Australia early on in my career, it feels like a home away from home and the perfect location for the restaurant.”


Rex: The starters don’t disappoint. The lamb-and-lavender lollipops and velvety pate encased in delicate pastry shells prime our taste buds for what’s to come. The creative plates, like the moss-covered log, set the night’s atmosphere.

For another dish in the ‘as-tasty-as-it-is-pretty’ series, meet the kingfish. The fish is nestled among sea vegetables, and flavoured with radish and perilla.

Andrea: The delicate slivers of kingfish and horseradish melt in your mouth. The umami of the kingfish is balanced by the spice of the horseradish and the brightness of the citrus, mint sauce.


Rex: Another treat this evening is the lamb carrot dish. It features braised lamb, carrot and sheep’s milk yoghurt. It’s an interesting construction. The lamb, carrot and sheep’s milk complement one another. Lamb has quite a strong flavour, but sheep’s milk has enough depth to hold its own. The carrot sweetens the dish and the gravy ties it all together.

Andrea: Smyth’s unorthodox combinations have the potential to become classics. Take the wagyu beef and oyster “surf and turf” main, for example. It’s pure decadence, with the Guinness sauce cutting through the rich flavours of the wagyu and oyster.


Rex: Moving on to dessert, Smyth has found magic in the Malteser by deconstructing this popular sweet snack.

It’s a crispy, malty, chocolatey tower that leaves you wanting more.

Andrea: It’s a bit sweet for me, but I enjoyed the petit fours, especially the juicy, gummy fruit balls. The chocolate tarts are also heaven. The dark chocolate is rich yet bitter and the pastry is savoury and crumbly.

The wine pairing is worth it. You’ll taste drops from Australia, Europe and America that are well matched to the menu. You can also ask for a “half pairing” if that’s more suitable.

Oncore by Clare Smyth has a limited number of reservations that are released on its website every month, so you’ll need to be quick to book a table.

The restaurant doesn’t take bookings for kids under 12 years, and it doesn’t have a kid’s menu. But what better excuse for a date night!

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