Why authentic Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen omakase in Sydney delivers

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Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen is known for bringing omakase to Sydney. We discover where it all began.

We have tried to get a booking at the eight-seater Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen since it opened in 2014, and we finally get a spot by 2023. Unless you’re dedicated, it can take time to get in but it’s worth the wait since it has some seriously great Japanese cuisine.

Executive chef Raita Noda serves omakase (a tasting menu based on the climate, seasons and best ingredients) in the style of kaiseki (a series of small delicate dishes) and kappo (chefs preparing food in front of their guests).

“Chef Raita Noda will perform the legacy of exquisite technique, adhering to our distinctive philosophy of Japanese traditions,” the restaurant’s website says.

Chef Raita Noda preparing sushi.

Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen starters

We begin our evening with Raita Noda’s spin on an ochazuke (green tea over rice). The green tea is a chilled ryokucha, giving it a mocktail vibe. The dish features rice puffs with umeboshi (pickled fruit) sorbet, sashimi, a hint of wasabi and a touch of luxury: an edible gold leaf. The multi flavours and textures excite our palates, setting the tone for the evening.

Appetiser broth mocktail at Raita Noda Chef's Kitchen.

We also have what looks like a slice of cheesecake. But it’s actually a sliver of cushiony bread with a lightly toasted crust and savoury cream. Chef Raita Noda decorates it with bright pink edible flowers.

Bread course.

After this, we enjoy a what could be described as an edible bouquet, featuring sweet prawn, solanato tomatoes and succulents on a crispy wafer.

Prawn salad.


This primes us for the sashimi course made of only the finest quality seafood. Noda cuts each fish into cubes and puts them on little sticks like lollypops. It’s an enticing, innovative way to make sashimi.

While Mrs Two Chat Food enjoys this experience, she prefers finer sashimi cuts because she thinks she can better taste each fish’s flavour and that they better melt in the mouth this way.

Sashimi lollypops at Raita Noda Chef's Kitchen.

Then it’s on to the sushi course. Chef Noda skilfully crafts each one, from slicing the seafood and moulding the rice to giving them subtle yet complementary flavourings.

The creme de la creme is the Imperial Oscietra caviar gunkan sushi. This is sushi with indulgent black river Siberian sturgeon caviar. But this dish is not a part of the tasting menu – it’s an extra dish that you’ll need to request.

Caviar Sushi at Raita Noda Chef's Kitchen.

The savoury courses come to a crescendo with A5 wagyu sirloin. The A5 wagyu, which is the highest grade you can get, is tender inside and has a nicely seared crust. But you’ll need to request this dish on top of the tasting menu too.

Raita Noda Chef's Kitchen wagyu.


Dessert takes us to strawberry fields. It’s a shortbread layered with cream and strawberries, dusted with a piquant dried fruit powder.

Raita Noda Chef's Kitchen dessert

Elevate your experience with the sake pairing which features world-renowned premium sake. Each tasting measures around 30ml.

Raita Noda creates spectacular dishes and we thoroughly enjoy our evening. In fact, we think it’s one of the best places to dine in Sydney.

Keep in mind that the tasting menu is 10 courses and comes to $230 per person. Meanwhile, the sake pairing is $35 per serve.

Raita Noda Chef’s Kitchen
Shop 1, 222 Riley St. Surry Hills

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